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Sustainable Values at Tan A Dai Thanh

Respect the Traditional Values

Tan A Dai Thanh Group were created by a group of sensitive and daring business man and woman, who are drastic in action, always be energetic to overcome challenges in order to create a traditional value which carried Tan A Dai Thanh identity.

The employees of Tan A Dai Thanh Group today receive the creative and breakthrough energy of the previous generations – confidently building a Tan A Dai Thanh brand, which is a guarantee of quality, a symbol of the belief in a Vietnamese brand reaching international level.

Respect the Interests of Partners

Tan A Dai Thanh do not only operate for its own benefit, but also pay high attention on the interests of suppliers, partners, and customers… with the principle of sustainable cooperation – and mutual development.

Directing all production and business activities at respecting and protecting the environment. Green development criteria has been thoroughly applied by Tan A Dai Thanh Group in the construction of factories, production workshops and also in the development of tourism and real estate projects…

Inspire by High Quality Products

Tan A Dai Thanh always pay attention to the importance to creating national quality products, bringing practical values to human life.

Our inspiration: Good products are the soul of the business, Tan A Dai Thanh Group have pioneered in investing and applying modern science and technology to improve product quality, enhance our the quality closer and closer to international standards.