The secret to choosing upstream water filter for apartments


Currently in many apartments, the living water is contaminated, which significantly affects the quality of life. Therefore, using an upstream water filter is absolulety necessary and important to ensure the health of your family.

Actual situation of water sources in apartments

The source of drinking water in the apartments is a big problem today. Problems related to apartment water sources can be mentioned such as: lack of domestic water, dirty water, black color, strange smell…

This is a potential risk for many health risks and quality of household appliances. Large cities like Hanoi in recent years have boomed and grown rapidly, leading to many apartment buildings popping up. Surely you still remember in October 2019, the clean water line of the Da River was contaminated with oil, therefore the citizens had to buy bottled water for daily use. The water line is installed for the entire apartment complex, therefore, when pollution or contaminated water occurs, it will be affected in series.

Nguồn nước sinh hoạt tại các hộ chung cư đang là vấn đề nhức nhối hiện nay

Contaminated water at apartments are big issues nowadays

Contaminated water is also the cause of many kidney diseases, cancers, especially colon and rectal cancers, etc. To overcome this situation as well as ensure water source quality, families should install an upstream filter for their own domestic water source.

Which upstream water filter to choose for an apartment?

On the market today, Tan A Dai Thanh’s upstream water filter Beluga 2.0 is considered the best for households living in apartments. Integrated with advanced technologies, helping domestic water sources meet Korean standards. This product helps to remove chemicals, dirt, chlorine, decolorize and deodorize … in order to clean the water source for the apartment. This upstream water filter has various versions to meet each individual need.

Outstanding features of the Beluga 2.0 upstream water filter

The Beluga 2.0 upstream water filter is a premium product that integrates the most advanced filtration technologies with numerous outstanding features such as:

  • Laminated Multiplayer multi-stage filtration technology for output water according to Korean domestic water standards.
  • Electro Positive filter and Carbon Block core are imported from Korea.
  • Specialized PPE plastic cover in compliance with NSF61/FDA standards with a durability of up to 10 years.
  • No electricity, absolutely safe to use.
  • Intelligent avoidance valve, ensuring safety for electrical equipment.
  • Modern design, making installation and replacement extremely simple.
  • Filter flow up to 1200 liters / hour, ensuring the needs of every household.
Bộ lọc đầu nguồn Tân Á Đại Thành

             Tan A Đai Thanh Beluga B2.0


  • Filter capacity: 150 m³.
  • Core replacement time: 6 months.
  • Product size: Ф 206 x 520 mm.
  • Filter element: PP(Polypropylene) & Activated Carbon.
  • Upstream filter cover material: PPE + HiSP + Fiberglass – Complies with FDA safety standards and NSF 61 drinking water system material standards.
  • Maximum input water pressure: 6 bar (87.02 Psi). Minimum input water pressure: 0.5 bar (7.25 Psi).
  • Maximum input water temperature: 50°C (122°F). Minimum input water temperature: 5°C (40°F).
  • Filtration rate at 1.5 bar: 1.2 m³/hr.
  • Total filter capacity: 150-200 m³.

Installation and use instruction

Here are a few specific recommendations and instructions when using an upstream water filter for your apartment.

  • The actual filtration capacity of the upstream filter may vary depending on the amount of suspended solids, particles, heavy metals and chemicals in the local water supply system.
  • Use input water with a temperature lower than 50°C. The use at high temperature may result in malfunction.
  • For specific water sources: Hard water, brackish water, salt water… it is recommended to install a functional filter in series with the Tan A Dai Thanh BELUGA upstream filter to achieve the highest filtration efficiency.
  • When assembling the unit, be sure to install enough gaskets, rotate them evenly, and tighten the threads. Otherwise, it may lead to product damage or water leakage.
  • Unsafe water sources that may contain harmful microorganisms or chemicals are NOT recommended for domestic use. Bubbles may form for a certain amount of time, this is completely normal. They are created when the air in the filter comes out with the water source.
  • Make sure the upstream filter is installed in accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions that come with it. Otherwise, the warranty will be voided.

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