Rossi water heater saves up to 15% of electricity consumption


As part of the Tan A Dai Thanh product range – A synchronous solution for water sources for Vietnamese families, the Rossi water heater product line is the only brand of water heater in Vietnam that is fully equipped with safe and durable features, saving 15% power consumption. This is the statement from the conclusion of the Cotherm laboratory – France recently.

With the desire to bring convenience to consumers, responding to the campaign “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods”, Tan A Dai Thanh Group always makes constant efforts to research, explore and develop high quality products, replacing imported products, suitable to the income level of Vietnamese consumers. Recently, Tan A Dai Thanh Group has continuously launched Rossi branded water heater products: Rossi TI (Titan), Rossi HQ (High Quality), Rossi DI (Diamond) and especially the new generation product line Rossi Pro (Professional Series) water heater, integrating numerous outstanding features compared to common products on the market.

 Rossi DI Pro saves up 15% energy

In addition to the outstanding durability from Italian technology with artificial diamond enamel, which maximizes the corrosion resistance of the water source, high durability, smooth surface, maximum safety during use, the Rossi branded water heater line also impresses consumers with its classy and convenient design with all kinds of luxurious model, suitable for all aesthetic tastes as well as the needs of each customer.

 Rossi Magie rod heater 

The most notable point of the new generation Rossi Pro water heater product line, fully integrated with outstanding features, is this is considered the most perfect water heater product on the market today. It is possible to point out some outstanding features of Rossi Pro water heater products such as: enameled heating rod, using Incoloy 840 raw material, which is a breakthrough in alloy manufacturing technology in the world with superior features such as resistance to oxidation and corrosion under water and high temperature conditions. The heating rod is the most important part of the water heater, made of Incoloy 840 material combined with super durable Titanium enamel, giving Rossi Pro products superior characteristics, creating reliability for every consumer. With this feature, Tan A Dai Thanh Group confidently guarantees the heating rod part for a lifetime.

Visitors at Rossi showroom

At the French laboratory Cotherm, the thermal relay unit is strictly tested, after more than 100,000 times of switching (equivalent to 20 years of use by consumers) and no maintenance, the temperature difference is only less than 3%. The inside of the bottle is coated with artificial diamond, so it has very good electrical insulation. It is this technology that helps to increase the product’s longevity, the ability to retain high heat, and at the same time prevent scale or corrosion after a certain time of use.

Also at the Cotherm laboratory – France, Tan A Dai Thanh Group’s products are tested and certified to save energy with dual burning pile design – working independently or simultaneously with two power modes 1000w and 1500w. With this double burning pile design, this product line can save 15% of electricity when using 2 burning pile mode and saving 40% when using 1 burning pile mode.

Visitors are consulted about Tan A Dai Thanh Rossi Water Heater

Tan A Dai Thanh Product Portfolio

As a pioneer in the field of manufactoring metal household in Vietnam, Tan A Dai Thanh Group is gradually asserting its position in the domestic and international markets. Typically, the Tan A Dai Thanh product set – A synchronous solution of water sources for Vietnamese families including the new generation Rossi water heater which is popular in the market today, represents a meaningful, long-term and sustainable investment of the Group in the current period…