Energy efficiency of using Solar Water Heater


Saving electric energy is an indispensable requirement in daily life and manufactoring activities in order to ensure the national energy security, serving the socio-economic development of the country in a sustainable way.

Along with the economic development of the country, the growth rate of business units is getting higher and higher, the living standard of people is also higher. With socio-economic development, the demand for energy consumption is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, materials to produce electric energy sources such as water, fuel, wind power… are increasingly depleted and inadequate, leading to a large gap between supply and demand. Therefore, saving electrical energy is an indispensable requirement in daily life and manufactoring activities in order to ensure national energy security and serve the country’s socio-economic development in a sustainable way.

In recent years, solar water heater products have been very popular because of their convenience, safety and economy, while contributing to energy saving, water protection and environmental friendliness. More and more households, construction sites, factories, offices use Solar Water Heaters for daily living and working.

It can be said that solar water heaters are becoming popular and well known because of its benefits.

Solar water heater saves electricity for the family

Today, electricity prices are increasing day by day, while people’s income is inversely proportional to this number. Therefore, people’s biggest worry is how to minimize electricity costs.

But in many cases, it’s not that easy. For example in winter days, people have to use heater to ensure the health of the whole family. This invisibly increased the amount of electricity significantly.

Solar energy water heater brings energy efficiency to family.

However, if you use a solar water heater, you will not have to worry about this. With a clean and green energy source, this is the choice of many households, businesses and companies today.

Using solar energy is the ultimate saving solution for families in the future.

The country’s economy is growing. People’s living standards are increasing day by day. Therefore, people tend to explore and choose better living solutions. In particular, Solar Water Heater is one of those ultimate choices. With only 7-8 million, you already own a high-tech solar machine that can be used for decades.

Solar energy water heater – the future  energy saving solution

This will save you a great deal of money for the future. If you use a water heater, you have to pay the same amount every year. Therefore, using a solar water heater is surely an effective option.

Solar water heater ensures safety for users.

Not only saving costs, solar water heaters also make people feel secure when using.

Sometimes the water heater will have unexpected problems such as water leakage, short circuit causing electric shock. However, solar water heaters completely guarantee this.

With clean energy from the sun, through the water heater, the water will be transferred to the tank safely and efficiently. You no longer have to worry about electric incidents. This is one of the product’s advantages which is trusted by many users today.

The trend of using green and clean energy is increasingly popular.

With the development of the society, the environment is becoming more and more polluted. Therefore, the trend of using green and clean energy is increasingly popular. In particular, solar water heater is the leading solution used today. This contributes to protecting the environment, building a sustainable life, and minimizing the factors that affect people’s lives and health.

Tan A solar water heater – prestige and quality

The new generation Tan A solar water heater with super-durable artificial diamond-glazed insulation tank, lifetime warranty; using vacuum glass tubes that absorb 98% of heat, capable of heating water extremely quickly in all weather conditions and helping hot water reach over 90 degrees Celsius; the outer shell of the insulated tank made of super durable SUS 304 stainless steel; especially, the Polyurethane insulation layer imported from Dow Corporation – USA is 50 mm thick with super high density and retains heat up to 98 hours.

Tan A solar energy water heaters with outstanding functions.

The new generation Tan A solar water heater is manufactured on an imported synchronous line meeting international standards, with the advantage of being a member of the German Enamel Association (DEV), Tan A Dai Thanh applied advanced technology and premium materials, on the basis of perfecting the principle of converting sunlight energy into heat energy, providing an abundant source of hot water for daily life activities.

Tan A solar water heater not only has good quality and reasonable price, but also contributes to saving energy, protecting the environment and ensuring the quality of water.

Để tri ân khách hàng và khuyến khích người tiêu dùng sử dụng sản phẩm này, Tập đoàn Tân Á Đại Thành hỗ trợ người tiêu dùng 1 triệu đồng khi mua Máy nước nóng năng lượng mặt trời Tân Á.

To encourage the consumption of this eco-friendly product, Tan A Dai Thanh is giving the support of 1 million Viet Nam dong when purchase Tan A solar energy water heater.

Tân Á Đại Thành hỗ trợ người tiêu dùng 1 triệu đồng khi mua Máy nước nóng năng lượng mặt trời

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