If you don’t want to build a new house, invest!


When building a house, many families invest heavily in external materials but tighten their spending when choosing to buy ‘invisible’ materials such as water pipes in the wall, causing troublesome consequences.

Last July, Ms.Ha’s family (Ha Dong – Hanoi) was startled because the water meter reported nearly 200m3/month, although a few months ago it was only 30m3/month on average. Finding out the cause, she discovered that the wall near the toilet was moldy and mossy. Suspecting that the water pipe was leaking, Ms. Ha called a plumber to chisel the wall and discovered that there were small cracks on the wall of the pipe, on the surface, the color of the pipe was wild, not smooth, there was no brand name on the pipe. The consequence of buying fake pipes is that her bill last month was up to 3 million dong.

Another case at Mr. Tuan’s (Bac Giang). Last May, he just completed a newly built house with a total cost of 1 billion dong. He was very careful in choosing materials such as cement, sand, steel, bricks… but he was too careless in choosing the pipes in the wall. As a result, after more than 2 months, he had to spend millions more to chisel the wall to fix the leaky water pipe. Due to poor quality plastic pipes, the joints are not tight, leading to water leakage, the scabrous inner-pipe reduces flow capacity, causing congestion…

From a few typical cases above, it can be seen that the investment in the plumbing system in the wall should not be taken for granted. The skyrocketed cost of electricity and water or the cost for fixing the plumbing as a result of using cheap plastic pipes exceeds the initial amount spent a lot. Therefore, to avoid unfortunate consequences, it is necessary to refer to some criteria for choosing plastic pipes below.

The source of raw materials is one of the most important criteria. The trend of materials favored by plastic pipe manufacturers is primary plastic. The characteristics of primary plastic are soft, flexible, with great elasticity, resistant to warping and pressure. Accordingly, using primary plastic to produce plastic pipes will have advantages compared to those made from recycled plastic: elasticity, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, electrochemical resistance, high temperature resistance, temperature preservation …, especially the safety for users.

Ống nước được sản xuất từ nhựa nguyên sinh vừa bền vừa an toàn

Pipes are made from safe and enduring raw plastic.

Another factor that determines the quality of plastic pipe is the synchronous production line and technology. Some small manufacturers use old machinery systems and only add a few stages and modern machinery. The lack of synchronization on lines and technology can directly affect the accuracy and uniformity of the product. Meanwhile, the accuracy, especially the accuracy of the fittings, helps the pipe system to connect perfectly, ensuring no leaks or bursts.

Besides the source of raw materials and production technology, the factors of production standards, certificates of origin, and quality certificates are also important. Normally, plastic pipe products must comply with standards such as TCVN, ISO, DIN (German standard) before being marketed.

Dây chuyền công nghệ đồng bộ, tiên tiến giúp sản phẩm ống nhựa đồng đều và chính xác

Modern and synchronous technology and system produce even and precise pipes.

In terms of reputation, on the current market, the situation of floating, poor quality plastic pipes is a great concern of consumers. It can be seen easily that genuine plastic pipes often have a “smart”, uniform color; sharp logos; the surface is thick and smooth, it doesn’t look “wild” and has many excess plastic parts protruding out like poor quality goods. Therefore, consumers should look to reputable manufacturers, trusted by contractors.

Ống nhựa Ströman có độ bền vượt trội, tuổi thọ lên tới 50 năm

Ströman Pipes have an outstanding shelf-life of over 50 years

Talking to Mr. Dong, owner of a building materials shop on Dai La Street (Hanoi), he shared that recently, Ströman plastic pipes produced by Tan A Dai Thanh Group have been choosen by many constructors and consumers. “Dare to play” when importing 100% primary plastic materials from major corporations in the world, Ströman plastic pipe products have outstanding durability, longevity up to 50 years. This product is also manufactured on the world’s most advanced technology line, with maximum automation of the production process… As a result, Ströman plastic pipes have the same quality as imported ones, meeting German standard DIN 8075:2011-12, DIN 8074:2011-12; national standards QCVN 16:2014/BXD, QCVN 12-1:2011/BYT,… A solid house means that the plumbing structure in the house must be sustainable and “healthy”. Therefore, do not hesitate investing in this seemingly invisible but very important product, to ensure the “health” of your house and the health of your whole family!

According to Báo Thanh Niên