​Tan A Dai Thanh received the National Quality Award Gold Award


With outstanding achievements in improving the quality of products, services, competitiveness and operational efficiency, integrating with the regional and world economies, on April 22, 2018, Tan Thanh Group A Dai Thanh was honored to be awarded the National Quality Gold Award by the Prime Minister in 2017 organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh highly appreciated the National Quality Award, which is the highest award to honor businesses in term of quality, decided and awarded by the Prime Minister, the award is included in the Asia-Pacific International Quality Award system. The National Quality Award has always maintained an important and prestigious position in the business community in particular and in society in general. Minister Chu Ngoc Anh also emphasized that “The goal of the National Quality Award is to encourage Vietnamese enterprises to build and apply a management system and models to improve quality production, thereby improving their ability to improve production and quality, enhance competitiveness in order to contribute positively to the socio-economic development of our country”.

The Minister of Science and Technology awarded the National Gold Quality Award to Tan A Dai Thanh

Based on strict criteria on: Leadership; Strategic planning; Customer-oriented; Measure, analyze and manage knowledge; Orientation on human resources; Operational process management; Operational results… The National Quality Award aims to disseminate to the business community and society the values ​​of national quality standards, in order to improve productivity, quality, operational efficiency, contribution to the community, society and the sustainable development of businesses.

Sharing about being honored at the National Quality Award for the second time in a row, Mr. Nguyen Duy Chinh – General Director of Tan A Dai Thanh Group said: “Being honored with the National Quality Gold Award helps Tan A Dai Thanh becomes more confident and determined in our goals of sustainable development in the medium and long term. The process of participating in the award helps Tan A Dai Thanh and other the participating businesses to have access to advanced and modern management methods in which productivity and quality of products and services are in focus. This is a good opportunity for Tan A Dai Thanh to review and continue to improve to affirm our leading position in Vietnam and the position of Vietnamese enterprises in the international arena.”

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam took a photo with General Director of Tan A Dai Thanh.

Over 25 years of operation, Tan A Dai Thanh has established and maintained its position as the leading manufacturer and supplier of total water resources solutions in Vietnam. With in-depth experience and reputation in the field of operation, Tan A Dai Thanh has won the trust of a large number of Vietnamese consumers, Tan A Dai Thanh’s products are widely used and occupy a large market share. On the market, the most prominent products are: Stainless steel water tanks, Plastic water tanks, Solar water heaters, RO water purifiers, Water heaters, Plastic pipes and Accessories…

Tan A Dai Thanh is currently a reliable supplier of many state-level projects and also a strategic partner of many large economic and real estate groups in Vietnam and all over the world. Tan A Dai Thanh’s products are now present in many countries in the region: Asia, Europe and North America.

Tan A Dai Thanh is the first and only enterprise in the field of household metal and water industry equipment to be honored in the two important national awards: Twice in a row receiving the National Brand Award 2014 & 2016 and National Quality Award 2016 & 2017. That affirms the outstanding efforts of Tan A Dai Thanh in branding, product quality and service implementation process. With the second consecutive honor, Tan A Dai Thanh continues to affirm its mission in providing customers with a complete set of quality water solutions.

Over 25 years of operation, Tan A Dai Thanh has established and maintained its position as the leading manufacturer and supplier of total water solutions in Vietnam.

Consistent with the goal of Prospering Vietnamese life, in 2018 – with a new attitude, a new height – Tan A Dai Thanh Group will orient its transformation into a social enterprise. The Group’s production and business activities will be closely linked to the community’s interests, bringing people solutions, products and services, contributing to improving and improving the quality of life. Tan A Dai Thanh will always strive to produce high quality, convenient and aesthetic Vietnamese branded products that can replace imported products. This is also an important foundation for the Group to continue to grow in production and business, with the goal of becoming a leading multi-industry economic group in Vietnam and internationally.

Tan A Dai Thanh is a pioneer in the production and supply of products and ecosystems in terms of a complete set of solutions for water resources. The Group’s products and services are trusted by domestic consumers and are honored to receive many prestigious awards such as: National Brand, Emulation Flag of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam Gold Star , Second-class Labor Medal… and many other valuable medals, awards and certificates of merit.